March 20, 2004
479 Teams Compete for Over $400,000 in cash and prizes!

San Antonio, TX (March 18, 2004) – A total of 479 teams filed in to the Rose Palace in San Antonio, TX this morning to compete at the 22nd Annual George Strait Team Roping. The top names in the sport, including former GSTRC champions Jake Barnes, Speed Williams, Rich Skelton, Tyler Magnus, Kirt Jones and Clay O’Brien Cooper all competed for a part of over $400,000 in cash and prizes in what has become the biggest open roping in the world.

Each of the teams had to successfully rope their steer in under eleven seconds to return for the second round. A total of 220 teams qualified and after the second round, the fifty teams with the combined best times will return tomorrow for the finals. All members of the fifty top teams earned Wrangler signature jackets.

Host and team roper, George Strait competed well enough with his heeler, Tom Bill Johnson to make it to the second round but will not return for the finals. George’s son Bubba, a heeler, will proceed into tomorrow’s finals with his heeler, Bret Beech.

The team of header Blaine Linaweaver and heeler, Kinney Harrell finished their first go with a winning time of 4.36 seconds earning them the top spot, a cash purse of $10,788 and a shot in the finals. “In my opinion, this is the best roping in the world for the money and the prizes, said heeler Kinney Harrell. “If you win ‘The Strait,’ it can set you up for the rest of the year.” Header, Blaine Linaweaver explained how their time-winning run came about with characteristic cowboy humility, “We had an outstanding steer that ran a great route and Kenny did a heck of a job getting two feet.” He continued, “The reason we’re here is to rope tomorrow. That means everything. Our goal is to win the whole thing.”

They’ll have that chance as the George Strait Team Roping Classic resumes Saturday, March 19th at 10AM. In fact, tomorrow’s winners will go home with the biggest cash purse ever given at “The Strait” in addition to matching Chevy Dually Trucks with Bruton Trailers, hand-tooled saddles, buckles, rope bags and much more. Moreover, H.E.B. Food Stores will sponsor the “Red-Wrapped Steer” contest giving ropers the opportunity to win up to $40,000 if they win their round with a steer with red-wrapped horns.

The 2004 GSTRC is sponsored by Cavender Chevrolet of Boerne, Texas, H.E.B. Food Stores, Tractor Supply Co., the San Antonio Express-News, Bill Miller’s Bar-B-Q, Brake Check, McCormick’s Foods and Spices, Georgia-Pacific’s Brawny Towels, Cactus Ropes, Wrangler, Justin, Resistol Hats, Classic Ropes, Bruton Trailers and Gist Buckles. In addition, U.S. Tobacco supplied the outstanding electronic scoreboard.

First Go Amount Header Healer Time
1st Place $10,788 Blaine Linaweaver Kenny Harrell 4.36
2nd Place $6,473 Travis Tryan Britt Bockius 4.57
3rd Place $4,315 Russell Riggan Cody Hintz 4.59

Second Go Amount Header Healer Time
1st Place $12,946 J.D. Yates Caleb Twisselman 4.09
2nd Place $9,709 Todd Arthur Zane Bowers 4.34
3rd Place $6,473 Matt Tyler Allen Bach 4.46
4th Place $3,236 Tyler Magnus Mickey Gomez 4.57

The GSTRC Fifty Top Finalists

Header Heeler Time
Blaine Linaweaver Kinney Harrell 9.72
Speed Williams Clay O’Brien Cooper 9.90
Turtle Powell Michael Jones 9.95
Brady Wren Tom Wren 10.0
Travis Tryan Kirt Jones 10.24
Jake Barnes Allen Bach 10.43
Nelson Linares Walt Woodard 10.45
Blaine Linaweaver Angel Croswaite 10.46
Jay Ellerman Mickey Gomez 10.70
Jason Senior Britt Bockius 10.70
Tyler Magnus Travis Graves 10.73
Brad Hamilton Brett Gould 10.74
Joe Beaver Brett Gould 10.78
Matt Tyler Allen Bach 10.78
Steve Purcella Britt Bockius 10.80
Scott Snedecor B.J. Dugger 10.81
David Key Clay O’Brien Cooper 10.81
Jake Cooper Cody Hinz 10.92
Todd Arthur Zane Bower